Frequently Asked Questions

This is a question with many answers yet no answer. Some will say, 'how much does a particular hospital pay?'.

Many factors determine the net salary of any particular hospital. Some of the factors are:

- The status of the hospital. Is it a federal or state hospital? Federal Hospitals generally pay more. There are some states that pay more than federal.

- Host State taxing system. Some states waive off taxes for hospital workers so as to encourage them stay in the state, thereby trying to improve the health indices of their state. Some give some percentage of waiver. Some take their 100 percent tax.

- Statutory deductions. These are deductibles that goes to various associations and  bodies  that you are affiliated to. In some instances, ladies pay more because they have more associations. For instance, female medical doctors earn less than male medical doctors in some hospitals because they are in MWAN and they are also by default in every other doctor's association.

- Condolence, marriage, support levies: Sometimes, when we lose our colleagues, condolence levies are deducted from source directly.

In other words, salaries vary for so many reasons even your salary in February might not exactly be your salary in march and this leads us to our advice:

- Place less emphasis on salary.
- Internship is just a one year program; it is not a permanent job. You can never make enough no matter where you got placements; there is more to be made after internship
- People have had delays up to 5 years in getting placements.

Kindly secure any center, do your internship and move on.

"As a policy, we don't submit applications without license.
Reasons are:

1. Because we do bulk submissions, our documents are scrutinized thoroughly.

2. Some hospitals don't shortlist candidates without license. Some shortlist them with the expectation that they will present their license during interview.

When candidates are not shortlisted for interviews, it falls back on us. Candidates feel dissatisfied.

Consequently as a policy, we submit only for candidates with license.
If you insist, we can submit but we can't guarantee that you will be shortlisted for interview.
The Hospital reserves the right to shortlist candidates."

You may not get an SMS invitation for interview due to many reasons:


Input errors: this could occur at the point of registering your application or even at the point of sending the invitation. This is simply a human error. It could happen from our end (i.e. if you applied via our platform) or from the end of the hospital staff in charge of the SMS. However, we are extra careful while inputting numbers in registers so as to avoid issues of input errors.


Wrong or incomplete phone numbers on CV: Over the years, we have in several occasions discovered incorrect or incomplete numbers on the CV of applicants. Candidates should ensure that the content of their CVs are correct, accurate and authentic.


You may have activated DND: Some applicants have previously activated Do-not-disturb function on their phone to avoid frequent unsolicited messages from network providers. This function also affects bulk SMSs. To deactivate DND on a 9mobile (Etisalat) number, Text START to 2442. For MTN, Text ALLOW to 2442Glo, Text CANCEL to 2442, Airtel, Text ALLOW to 2442. DND deactivation takes 24 hours to complete the process. In other words, you will start receiving bulk SMS messages from any bulk SMS platform 24 hours after the deactivation process. Please note that GSM operators can impose DND without the subscribers’ consent. However, you can still confirm by sending STATUS to 2442 to know if your number is on DND or not.


Low Memory on your mobile device: When you run out of memory on your device, you don’t receive messages. Kindly ensure your device has enough memory to avoid missing on invitations


In the absence of the above factors, always attend your interview with or without SMS.

You also can consider changing the mobile number on your CV in subsequent applications

1. CV
2. Passport (required by some hospitals) 
3. Application letter or application form (depending on the hospital) 
4. License and registration
5. Oath (for pharmacy, Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and radiography) 
6. Degree Certificate or statement of result
8. FSLC or Testimonial
9. LGA Identification letter
10. Birth Certificate or Statutory age declaration (Affidavit)
11. Three Recommendation letters.
12. 'Affidavit of Fact' of non-participation in internship previously (For Interns and only compulsory for a few Hospitals such as ESUTH Parklane Enugu , N.O.H.E Enugu)
13. Any other relevant document.
14. Residency primaries (For Residency Applicants.)
15. Professional Indemnity Certiicate (For Residency Applicants) 


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