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1. CV
2. Passport (required by some hospitals) 
3. Application letter or application form (depending on the hospital) 
4. License and registration
5. Oath (for pharmacy, Physiotherapy, occupational therapy and radiography) 
6. Degree Certificate or statement of result
8. FSLC or Testimonial
9. LGA Identification letter
10. Birth Certificate or Statutory age declaration (Affidavit)
11. Three Recommendation letters.
12. 'Affidavit of Fact' of non-participation in internship previously (For Interns and only compulsory for a few Hospitals such as ESUTH Parklane Enugu , N.O.H.E Enugu)
13. Any other relevant document.
14. Residency primaries (For Residency Applicants.)
15. Professional Indemnity Certiicate (For Residency Applicants) 


First things first!!!!

As a new medical graduate, one of the first things you do is to get your documents ready as hospitals could call for applications at anytime. Some could call for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 6 weeks or even indefinitely till they stop abruptly.

One of the first things to arrange is your CV. Over the years, we've noticed that people don't have good CVs. I mean either they are writing too much or it's too scanty with many important things missing. Your application is as good as your CV because that's where they get the information they want. They may not really have time to look at the other documents thoroughly.

You can build a CV from our website parcelmedico.org.

You don't have to spend your money typing a CV. You can just have it filled from the comfort of your Phone.

- You can choose different CV format to suit your preference.

- Sign-up with us and get it done within minutes. You could also download or save it for other uses.

- Fill with Uppercase. It's a norm to fill forms in UPPERCASE.

Your optimal CV is READY for use!!!!