ave you ever wished to see a book on critical issues in medical school, medical practice, global practice etc etc?

Dr Kenneth Ikott beautifully 'navigates' through critical issues with his fascinating style of presentation.

The book - a first of its kind - will for sure inspire both aspiring medics and practicing medics.

He has deliberately enriched the book with other seasoned contributors all to the reader's delight.

The journey through medical school can be a smooth ride for some people and a bumpy one for others.

Navigating Through Medical School is a scintillating narrative of the real-life experience of the lead author during his journey through medical school.

The book also shares a myriad of medical school stories from students and doctors across the world with useful feedback and recommendations for managers of medical school programmes.

It also contains articles on critical issues in medical school such as depression among medics and global skills for medics, among others.

"I had a vision sometime ago to write a book for medical students and aspiring medics. That vision led me to collaborate with two young doctors like me and the result is this book which will be published this month. Writing about my experience in medical school is something I've done for a great number of people to learn from. We believe that this book will inspire medical students and aspiring medics to achieve their dream of becoming a medical doctor."....said Dr Kenneth Ikott.

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January 08, 2020

Thank you Dr Karo for patronizing us. God bless you!