pplications are invited from suitably candidates for the internship positions listed below:

1.    Medical House officers

2.    Dental House officers

3.    Intern Pharmacists

4.    Intern Physiotherapist

5.    Intern occupational therapists

6.    Intern Medical Laboratory scientists

7.    Intern Medical Imaging Scientists

8.    Intern Nurses

9.    Intern Optometrists



Candidates are to possess MBBS or B.Sc, degree(s) as the case may be, in the appropriate discipline from a recognized University with evidence of Induction by their Regulatory or Professional body



The salary for the position of House officers/ Interns is in accordance with the public service rules.


Duration/Nature of Duties

House job/Internship is a training period of twelve (12) Calendar months only. Successful medical House officers will be required to rotate through the major clinical departments in the hospital.


Methods of Application

Interested applicants are to obtain application forms downloadable via www.ubth.org  or from the administrative department of the hospital. THE FORM IS AT NO COST.


Closing date of advertisement.

The advertisement will run for six(6)weeks from 5th march, 2020. No application will be accepted out after the closing date.


Candidates are required to apply manually to the human resource department, attaching all necessary credentials.

We can also help you submit if you are not disposed. 



- CV,

- Application form (For those applying through us, kindly download form below, print, fill and send back along with other documents or we will fill forms on behalf of candidates). Download form below:

- License

- Registration or oath

- Degree Certificate or Notification (Statement) of Results

- Waec / O?Level certificate

- First school leaving cert / Testimonial

- L. G. A Identification Letter

- Birth Certificate / Statutory Declaration of Age.

- 3 recommendation letters.


To apply via our platform, kindly sign up with us, login, go to your profile to upload your computer-scanned documents and pay for our services. Here is a guide on how to use our platform.



-    Parcel deadline: 4th April, 2020. 

-       Official deadline: 17th April, 2020. 

-       Official fee: None

-       Parcel charge/Service : 2000

-       Zenith bank: 1016248268 (Parcelmedico Services) 




- You can either apply yourself by visiting the hospital or apply via our platform.


- The Parcel charge is not a fee from the Hospital. It's simply our service charge which covers printing of documents, passports and parceling expenses.


- We are not affiliated with any hospital, neither are we agents of any hospital. We are only a platform that helps distant candidates submit their applications.


- The Hospital reserves the right of shortlisting candidates 


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Ajana Robinson
April 02, 2020

I will forward you the real recommendation letters

March 19, 2020

So aplication letter is not needed?