??The current situation of uncertainty can leave anyone doubtful and confused. Even you!

But there is a sigh of relief and we have a soothing message for you...

Those goals and aspirations you earmarked for yourself this 2020 are still achievable.

For you, it will not end in tears. Because... we've got you covered always?!


If IELTS is the problem, D's IELTS MASTERCLASS is available to provide excellent candidate-centered IELTS tutoring, tailored to meet the peculiarity of every candidate, pushing them to excel and surpass their desired band scores.

Why do people fail IELTS repeatedly?

The reason why people repeatedly write the exam is because they do not know why they are failing. The analysis for their band scores given are not stated on their TRF (Test Report Form).


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam as the name implies, is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers.

The exam goes beyond testing how well you can speak the English language, but also accesses time management, (IELTS Reading), how organized you are (IELTS writing), and how attentive to details you can be (IELTS listening).

D's IELTS Masterclass is one of the leading IELTS Tutoring Centers in Nigeria, having tutored and witnessed the success of candidates across West Africa.

What they Offer?

         Candidate centered tutoring: That means they try to understand each Candidate's difficulties and tackle them in the course of the program.

         Free sessions: Just before the start of intake for every new session, they offer a one hour free orientation /tutorial on the IELTS exam. The last Orientation program held on the 31st of May 2020, in preparation for the June Master class, which is ongoing.

         Effective online classes: Their classes are very interactive, and detailed, with step by step guidance on how to pass the exams effectively. They have assignments, exercises, follow up review and feedback assessment on all the things that are taught.


What makes them special & unique?

Apart from giving lectures, they try to ensure that every candidate apply in practice the basic principles taught. The unique thing is that they are with you till the end of your test. Even after the end of the course, you still have access to the platform till you write your test.

They want you to succeed; they are not just a tutoring team.


Some people practice for 6 months without scoring their desired band scores. This is because they are not practicing the right things, or not practicing the right way. They identify the challenges of every individual and address them during the classes. They ensure that you understand what you are been taught and you apply them in practice. They follow up on you, monitor your progress and ensure that your difficulties are addressed with precision.


They have different plans to meet your needs


The Gold Plan: This is the standard Plan of 3 weeks online Zoom class, with 3 extra weeks of monitored group practice with fellow candidates. The classes are presently taken online via the Zoom App.

Classes are held during the week days at 9pm to 10:30 pm.


The Platinum Plan: Popularly known as ?Dr D & U? is a personal 4 weeks tutoring with Dr ?D? at your time and pace.


The Writing special:

Majority of the IELTS candidates have issues with the Writing Section. Many are stuck with a 6.0/ 6.5 band score. This plan grants the candidate assess to 10 essay's reviews and corrections. This enables them to know their mistakes and improve on their writing Skills.


How do I join the team?

The Gold Plan runs monthly, so it?s ideal to sign up on time. The next Masterclass will commence on the 13th of July. Applications are opened already. On the Other hand, due to the peculiarity of the writing special and the platinum Plan, applications for these plans are opened anytime.


To sign up, applications are made on https://edutravel.com.ng/ielts-masterclass/


Once application is received, a sign up link would be sent to your mail. Ensure to check your Spam mail, in case the mail is not seen on your inbox


For enquires,


+2349035481494 D's IELTS







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July 29, 2020